Becoming a member of the Student Theatre Support Group offers the following benefits.

  • Networking of like-minded people
  • Support, advice & sharing of information
  • Connections with other schools
  • Performance Support Award
  • Health & Safety consultancy from regular supporter RB Health & Safety
  • Training at discounted rates
  • Representation with the ABTT
  • Group email address.
  • Industry contacts.
  • Job adverts from member schools
  • Invitations to localized member meetings
  • Group training courses for members, including IOSH ‘Working Safely for Theatre’
  • Invitation to the annual conference held at a member school More info here
  • Advice on products and suppliers
  • ABTT’s Bronze, Silver and Gold professional development awards

Members can find details of STSG services on the Member Home Page.

Affiliation with ABTT


Since June 2014 the STSG is affiliated as a committee of the Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT), giving it wider recognition as an organisation and also raising awareness of theatre work within schools. We are continuing to operate independently with our own Constitution and Committee, but we will be adhering to the principles and objectives of the ABTT.

We are represented on the ABTT Council by Alexander Cann (former STSG member).

STSG membership is separate to ABTT membership, although from January 2020 eligible ABTT members can join STSG for free. For each member enrolled in this way, the ABTT will contribute a subsidy to the STSG at no extra cost to the member.

Types of Membership

Individual Membership

Perfect for people who work by themselves. Free for the first year then £7.55 annually.

School Membership

For up to three staff. There is a main user for each school plus up to two linked members (must be part of the same organisation). Each person can edit/update themselves, but only the main user can do renewals or add/remove additional staff. £10.66 annually.

ABTT Membership

As an affiliated organisation of the Association of British Technicians, the STSG can offer a joint membership which makes you a member of both groups.

ABTT Membership is offered in four formats, each with ascending levels of coverage and pricing. The STSG will receive a contribution from the ABTT for your membership, at no extra cost to you:

  • Young Associate (aged 18-25) – £25 per year (of which STSG will receive £7).
  • Early Career Associate (aged 26-30) – £50 per year (of which STSG will receive £7).
  • Associate / Full Member – £80 per year (of which STSG will receive £15).
  • Affiliated Organisation (for three members) – £250 per year (of which STSG will receive £50).
  • Large Affiliated Organisation (for six members) – £500 per year (of which STSG will receive £)

ABTT Applications:

To become a joint ABTT and STSG member you will need to fill out applications for both organisations, clicking the button labelled ‘I would like to become an STSG Member’ on the ABTT website. When selecting the ABTT membership option on the STSG website you won’t get charged as you will pay when you register / renew with the ABTT.

Join for Free

New members can join for free until the first renewal which happens in January, but new members joining during the Autumn Term (September-December) don’t have to pay until the following year. The free period only applies to individual membership.

If you wish to join as a School (up to 3 members), you will need to join individually, then let us know to merge your memberships under the lead account. Please use our contact form for this

If you are already an ABTT member, please join us for free by completing our online application form, then contact the ABTT Office to register your STSG membership if you have not already done so.

We use a third-party online membership system called MemberMojo. You can read their privacy policy here.

If you have any problems with the application or renewal system, please contact the Group Administrator.


“The big value of STSG is connections with other schools. A lot of us are in one or two person departments and having that connection to other places which can get us out of sticky situations is very worthwhile.”

“I am happy to know I can fire off an email to ask advice, or advertise a vacancy; both of which I have done.”

“I think STSG is a great source for networking and sharing information, as well as being able to talk about technical equipment. I think the membership fee is a drop in the ocean for what you get from it.”

“For [the membership fee] you can get easy access to a group of people in your situation and profession, who will bend over backwards to help you and give good advice.”

“It’s nice to know that in this world of ours, there are other people around doing the same job and having the same problems.”

“I think the STSG does very well as a non-invasive organisation which is there for support, information and an annual conference.”