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The School Theatre Support Group (STSG) is an established network of professional Theatre Technicians and Managers working in UK schools and colleges, founded in 2005. We offer a community of support in this specialist field. Our members are responsible for many professionally-equipped theatres, studios and other performance venues across the country, as well as training and facilitating the next generation of theatre practitioners.

We are a membership association with the main focus on technical production, venue management and backstage education. The majority of our members work in secondary schools, but we welcome members from all sectors of education, with any type of facilities (whether that be a theatre, school hall, drama studio or classroom). We host meetings, occasional training courses and a conference, as well as publishing the Performance Support Award – an extra-curricular backstage/technical activity scheme for young people. Members are also encouraged to share information, ask questions and contact other schools.

At a special meeting on 1 June 2024, it was agreed that STSG will become the ABTT School Theatre Support Committee (STSC)*.

We are temporarily not accepting new members, but membership of the STSC will be available to any person who works in a recognised educational establishment or is keen to represent school theatres, including ABTT members who are currently working in an educational setting.

Please bear with us during this transition period.

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School Theatre Support Group, updated 4 June 2024

* Pending ratification by the ABTT.

STSG is a non-profit association.
We are a committee of the Association of British Theatre Technicians.