STSG is open to all theatre professionals working in education; primarily theatre / drama / performing arts technicians, designers, managers and teachers working in UK schools or colleges. You must be over 18 and employed by an educational organisation. We welcome members from all sectors of education, with any type of facilities (whether that be theatre, school hall, drama studio or classroom).

Membership is also available at the committee's discretion for those who have a proven interest in the Group but do not fulfil the criteria above. We don't offer corporate membership, but welcome corporate support through sponsorship.

Membership Rates:

Individual - £7 per year.

School (up to 3 members) - £10 per year.

Please note that STSG membership is entirely separate to ABTT membership, although joining both organisations is encouraged. Subs are due annually and can be paid by BACS, cheque or online via Paypal - either personally or by your school.

All new members can JOIN FOR FREE until the first renewal, at which time we hope you will decide to remain as a paying member. Subs are due in January, but new members joining between September-December don't have to pay until the following year.

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Please also read our Constitution, which forms the terms and conditions of membership. See below for some membership testimonials.

If you have any problems with the application system, please contact the Group Administrator.

"The big value of STSG is connections with other schools. A lot of us are in one or two person departments and having that connection to other places which can get us out of sticky situations is very worthwhile. Through STSG, I know I could get hold of a technician to cover me if needed, or a spare LX desk if we had a last-minute disaster. Another positive is that it seems to have given us a united voice towards suppliers, most of whom seem to be increasingly aware of what schools want and need."
"For [the membership fee] I am happy to know I can fire off an email to ask advice, or advertise a vacancy; both of which I have done in the last few years."
"For [the membership fee] you can get a year's easy access to a group of people in your situation and profession - and the wider world of theatre tech - who will bend over backwards to help you and give good advice; access to difficult-to-find employment opportunities; access to a useful and entertaining conference, and much more besides."
"I think the STSG does very well as a non-invasive organisation which is there for support, information and an annual conference."
"It's nice to know that in this world of ours, which is very small, that there are other people around doing the same job and having the same problems. If the need arises, we have someone to talk to about these problems."
"I think STSG is a great source for networking and sharing information, as well as being able to talk about technical equipment which would benefit schools. I really enjoy the meet-ups and I think the membership fee is a drop in the ocean for what you get from it."