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Our next conference will take place at Ampleforth College on Saturday 15th February 2020.

Our annual conference takes place every February at a member school. The Saturday event consists of a busy day of workshops, seminars and networking, followed by a semi-formal dinner. Several industry suppliers attend with a small exhibition of products and services; networking with other delegates and sponsors is always an important part of the day. Workshops are a mix of technical and non-technical subjects, covering practical topics and the latest trends. Delegate places are subsidised by our generous sponsors, with accommodation included in the price.

Our most recent conference took place on Saturday 16th February 2019 at The Perse School, Cambridge.

For our tenth conference this year we were hosted by The Perse Upper School in Cambridge at their brand-new Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre.

The day featured a busy programme of workshops and seminars with lunch included. This was followed by a special dinner at a local hotel, plus overnight accommodation.

Workshops were provided by our industry sponsors and other invited speakers. There were also the usual opportunities to network with other members and the company reps/exhibitors.

Conference Photos

Conference Workshops/Exhibitors

The conference included a range of workshops, seminars and new mini-group sessions: - including rigging, electrical safety for events, virtual reality in theatre, lighting control and props making. There were also presentations about The Perse School's new Performing Arts Centre, GCSE/A Level tech support and Stage Management equipment.

  • AC Entertainment Technologies - 'Weighing the Balance' - A practical demonstration of the effects of moving weight on suspended truss, and how it can be monitored and controlled.

  • Charcoalblue - The Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre.

  • Flints - Hands-on prop making with thermoplastics.

  • Hawthorn - Sponsor.

  • Illuminate Design - Sponsor.

  • Stage Electrics - Electrics for temporary and outside events. Looking at responsibilities for setting-up power for temporary events in non-theatre spaces, marquees or outdoor stages; an approach to risk assessment and practical advice & tips.

  • White Light - 3D visualisation/Virtual Reality, with Preevue - An overview of the technology in general and how the use of visualisation within the theatre industry is increasing and changing.

  • Zero 88 - Lighting Control/Programming.

  • ABTT - Industry & Safety Updates.

More details about our sponsors can be found on the Supporters page.

Performance Support Award

Following the success of last year's meeting for the Performance Support Award, we held this event again on Sunday 17th February, after the conference. It was free for members to attend.